Bicycle magazine – Dec. – Issue

I was very excited to get this month’s issue of Bicycling magazine. It was a great assignment to go up to the beautiful Horsetooth reservoir in Fort Collins, CO and photograph cyclist, Nick Frey, who makes these badass bamboo bicycles. Be sure to check them out at Boo Bikes , I really want the touring bike personally.
Bicycling Magazine
Anyways, so this month’s issue features 4 images of mine including, one in the table of contents, and a two page spread to lead off the story. Big thanks to Stacey, the photo director at Bicycling, for the fun assignment, and thanks to Nick for being great to work with. Due to a mix up about the direction of the story I photographed Nick before this with one of his bamboo mountain bikes, and we made some great images then as well. I’ll be posting those with some behind the scenes lighting set ups and info as well. So keep an eye out for those as well sometime soon.

Dr. Friesen for colorado Biz

I just got a copy of this month’s Colorado Biz magazine, which features some images of mine, from a story about the digitization of health care records at Kaiser Permanente in Lakewood, CO. Also, I just finished the top company awards photos for Colorado Biz magazine, so I’ll have lots of photos along with some behind the scenes shots coming up next month.

Rocky Mountain Bridal -Cover contest

So in an effort to help an image of mine land on the cover of the winter edition of Rocky Mountain Bridal magazine, I am asking that anyone interested go vote for my image for the cover. It will help spread the name of Sam Adams Photography to many new wedding couples. Thanks everyone!



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